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Chaplain: What is man?

By Jerroll Martens, Newton Presbyterian Manor chaplain

The Psalmist asked this question in Psalm 8 as he observed the vast universe. Science now can see into space and view objects that are billions of light years away, and they believe there is READ MORE

Two suites now available

Two spacious assisted living suites, one very near the sun room and another with close access to the covered patio on the east wing of Kalb Villa, are available now.

The reservation list for cottages, duplexes, Broadway and Garden apartments is READ MORE

New wellness director seeks new ideas

Kaitlyn Hollaway, far right, joins Valerie Robbins, Melinda Ebersole and Sally Bender for our walking challenge this spring.

Kaitlyn Hollaway is ready to be a resource for anyone at Newton Presbyterian Manor who wants to improve his or her health and wellness. But as our new wellness director, Kaitlyn is also eager to hear from residents and staff about new classes or events READ MORE

Health care community residents practice gratitude through journaling

Research has shown that recognizing the good may improve well-being

By Tina L. Kies for Next Avenue


Credit: Adobe Stock

Her pale blue eyes sparkle when she smiles. Peacefully observing all that surrounds her, she is a history book waiting to be opened. An experience outlines every wrinkle, silently alluding to the secrets, loss, love and happiness that she has experienced READ MORE

Prepare for surgery with exercise and diet

‘Prehabilitation’ is slowly being recognized as valuable for success after a procedure

By Judith Graham for Next Avenue


Credit: Getty Images

A dozen years ago, at the age of 50, Lillie Shockney decided to have breast reconstruction surgery after two bouts of cancer and two mastectomies. The procedure called for removing a flap of skin and fat from her abdomen, used to rebuild her breasts.

Shockney READ MORE

10 ways to keep your old dog healthy and happy

Some of these potential solutions are easy and inexpensive

By Deb Hipp for Next Avenue


Credit: Adobe Stock

When my dog Toby was 11, I checked out a book on anti-aging for dogs from the library. I left to run a few errands and returned later to a grisly scene.

I found the mangled book on the floor, cover gnawed off, two chapters torn apart and puncture wounds READ MORE