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Not far from the farm

Rita Myers remains active in her long-running family farm and ranch business

Rita Myers

Rita Myers

Summertime is harvest time for longtime Kansas farmers like Rita Myers.

While Rita moved to Newton Presbyterian Manor in 2012, she still owns nearly 2,000 acres of farmland and pasture in north-central Kansas. She and her husband, Les, worked their READ MORE

65th Anniversary: Missourians build first campus at Farmington

Dr. Fred Walker, first superintendent of Homelife in Farmington, Mo.

Dr. Fred Walker was the first superintendent of Homelife in Farmington, Mo. A plaque beneath his photo at Farmington Presbyterian Manor reads, “He had a dream, we have a home.”

The Missouri synods of the Presbyterian Church, U.S., and the United Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., joined together to construct the first Presbyterian Homelife campus in Farmington, Mo. The project was authorized in 1957 in a joint session of the synods, READ MORE